Estimated Time: 20 min
+up to 24hrs for YouTube to activate livestreaming

Beware, setting up 360° streaming onYouTube can be complex. This is unrelated to Live Planet. Activation for livestreaming on YouTube could take up to 24 hrs for approval.

You’ll need this equipment:

  1. Live Planet Camera
  2. Ethernet Cable (included)
  3. Web Browser

Video How-To:

Feature Instructions:

Step 1: Activate livestreaming on YouTube:
This could take up to 24 hours to become active.

You’ll need to wait until YouTube has approved your account to livestream in order to continue.

Step 2: Ensure that you are already signed up with a Live Planet account.
Note: You may have already created one from your android app when testing other features. If you haven’t, go to

Step 3: Connect your laptop or tablet to Camera WiFi. (liveplanet-xxxxxx).

Step 4: Then type from any browser to launch camera software.

Step 5: Login to your Live Planet account from your camera software.
If you see “log out”, you’re logged in already and good to go.

Step 6: Sign up or Login to from your laptop or tablet.
Note: Camera should still be using the ethernet cable setup in the previous section.

Step 7: Go to events tab and create event. Enter a name, thumbnail, and description.

Step 8: Add a camera to the event.

Step 9: Select YouTube as the destination to stream to and click “Sign in."
Note: You will need to link your YouTube account with the Live Planet cloud.

Step 10: Make sure that your camera’s status is showing as “ONLINE”.
If camera shows as “OFFLINE” or no camera is shown, repeat steps 3 - 5 to connect your camera to the Live Planet Cloud.

Step 11: Click “Preview” to initiate the streaming process. When it is finished, the green 'Start Streaming' button will appear - click it.

Step 12: Click on “View on YouTube” button to watch your live feed on YouTube.

When done with livestreaming, click “End Livestream” on the Live Planet Cloud.

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