VR Livestreaming to a VR Headset

            Key Feature #5. Within minutes, you can be livestreaming from your camera to multiple platforms at once.

            Estimated Time: 10 minutes

            Supported Platforms:

            You’ll need this equipment:

            1. Live Planet Camera
            2. Ethernet Cable (included)
            3. Android Phone
              a. Live Planet App (download from Play Store)
            4. Oculus GO headset or Samsung GearVR recommended 
              Note: Daydream and Cardboard viewer also supported.

            Video How-To:

            Feature Instructions:

            Step 1: Plug included ethernet cable into the camera.

            Step 2: Login to your Live Planet Account in the Android app.

            Step 3: Tap on Camera icon on top left to navigate to Cam Controls page.

            Step 4: Tap the “Livestream” button.

            Step 5: Run the built in speed test in our app to ensure that your upload bandwidth is sufficient to livestream.
            Note: 50 mbps is recommended (180° live stereo/mono streaming at greatly reduced bitrates coming soon)

            Step 6: When on event details page, start preview by tapping “prepare preview." After you click preview, it may take a few minutes for the processing to complete and the preview feed to become available/

            Step 7: Start livestream and you will get an event code.

            Step 8: Setup your headset and launch the Live Planet VR app from the Oculus home screen seen within the headset. Then enter the event code to view the live event on headset.

            When done with livestreaming, Click “End Livestream”on the Live Planet app.

            Note: Daydream and Cardboard Viewer can be used fromwithin the Android App to view your event as well.

            Updated: 20 Mar 2019 06:17 AM
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