Upload & Publish With Our Cloud

            Key Feature #4. Upload footage from the camera and publish it from the Live Planet Cloud to headsets simultaneously.

            Supported Platforms:

            You’ll need this equipment:

            1. Live Planet Camera
            2. Ethernet Cable (included)
            3. Web Browser

            Feature Instructions:

            Step 1: Plug included ethernet cable into the camera.

            Step 2: If you haven't done so already, quickly sign up for a Live Planet account. 
            Note: You may have already created one from your android app when testing other features. If you haven’t, go to cloud.liveplanet.net/signup.

            Step 3: Connect your laptop to Camera WiFi. (liveplanet-xxxxxx).

            Step 4: Then type from any browser to launch camera software.

            Step 5: Login to your Live Planet account from your camera software.

            If you see “log out”, you’re logged in already and good to go.

             Step 6: Select “View Files” under camera storage.

            Step 7: Select which videos you’d like to upload.

            Step 8: Click “Upload to Cloud” to upload selected videos.
            Your videos will now upload to the Live Planet Cloud and be ready to distribute. This may take several minutes to upload based on file size and connection speeds.

            Step 9: Open another browser window and login to cloud.liveplanet.net from your laptop or tablet and go to the events tab.

            Step 10: Create a recorded event.

            Step 11: Select a video to add to the event and click “Add to event” at the bottom.

            Step 12: Select stream destinations to which you’d like to publish.

            Step 13: Click Preview to prepare the event for publishing.

            1. After you click preview, it may take a few minutes for the processing to complete and the preview feed to become available.
            2. You will see a pop-up saying “Billing for this event will begin.”
              With the purchase of the camera, you received $1000 cloud credits that will be used for this activity.

            Step 14: Publish and note down the LP Event Code.

            Step 15: To watch your published events on your VR headset, login to the LivePlanet mobile app. Navigate to the “My Events” tab to locate and watch your event. You can do the same from the Live Planet VR app on Oculus Go.

            Step 16: Share your event code so others can view your published events through the Live Planet VR App.

            Updated: 20 Mar 2019 06:20 AM
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