Record To MicroSD Card

            Key Feature #3. Connect to your camera using the mobile app to record VR video to a microSD card

            Estimated Time: 5 min

            You’ll need this equipment:

            1. Live Planet Camera
            2. MicroSD Card (already inside camera)
            3. Android Phone or Web Browser. 
              a. Live Planet App (download from Google Play)

            Note: It is not required to plug-in the included ethernet cable to the camera, to use this feature.

            Video How-To:

            Feature Instructions:

            Step 1: From your android phone or from your laptop, you can click the“Record” button to start recording to the SD card.

            Step 2: Real time preview displays while recording, so make image adjustments on the fly with confidence, from your phone or laptop.

            When done with recording, Click “End Recording” on the Live Planet app.

            Note: We have already inserted a microSD card into the camera for your convenience and there is also a spare one in the camera kit if you want to record more. 

            Do not force SD Card into camera, insert it bottom side up as shown.

            Updated: 20 Mar 2019 06:23 AM
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