Live Preview On Big Screen

            Key Feature #2. Connect to the camera through your browser to make image adjustments + preview your camera’s live feed on a large screen.

            Estimated Time: 5 min

            You’ll need this equipment:

            1. Live Planet Camera
            2. Computer w/ Web Browser

            Video-How To:

            (starts at :36)

            Feature Instructions:

            Step 1: Connect your laptop to Camera WiFi (liveplanet-xxxxxx).

            1. Stay within 15 feet of the camera.
            2. Camera WiFi is only used to control the camera, not to stream video

            Step 2: Then type from Safari or Chrome browser to launch camera software.

            Step 3: Click on Adjustments at the top right to make any image adjustments as you watch live preview on the big screen.

            Updated: 20 Mar 2019 06:25 AM
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