Supported Cameras

Supported Cameras

Cameras and video formats supported by Live Planet VR Studio

Live Planet VR Studio supports video from the leading virtual reality cameras. It supports top-bottom equirectangular video format, in both 180° and 360° field of view captures. We have tested the following cameras for compatibility:

  1. Insta360 One X
  2. Insta360 Pro 2
  3. Insta360 Pro
  4. Insta360 Evo
  5. Kandao Obsidian R
  6. Kandao Obsidian Go
  7. Lenovo VR180 Camera
  8. Ricoh Theta Z1
  9. Ricoh Theta V
  10. Rylo Camera
  11. Samsung Gear 360
  12. Vuze+ 3D 360 VR Camera
  13. Yi 360 VR Camera

If you have any questions about compatibility of another camera model, please email us at

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