Stream To Any RTMP Endpoint (Advanced)

Key Feature #7. The Live Planet camera has support for custom RTMP as well.

Estimated Time: 10 min

You’ll need this equipment:

  1. Live Planet Camera
  2. Ethernet Cable (included)
  3. Web Browser

Video How-To:

Feature Instructions:

Step 1: Connect your laptop to Camera WiFi. (liveplanet-xxxxxx).
Note: Camera should still be using the ethernet cable setup in the previous section.

Step 2: Then type from any browser to launch camera software.

Step 3: Click Livestream.

Step 4: Then select “Custom Platform."

Step 5: Enter RTMP address and stream name.

Step 6: Start streaming.

Step 7: Go to your RTMP streaming service and make sure you can see the camera feed.

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